The Limarí Valley, agricultural par excellence, is known as the green north of Chile because in this place are half of the irrigated areas of the region. This condition determines its geographic and human landscapes, dispersed in its territory through hundreds of towns and localities that converge towards the provincial capital Ovalle. In the coast it houses wonders such as the National Park of Fray Jorge and the Termas de Socos, one of the hot springs closest to the sea in the country. Inland, explore the numerous reservoirs such as La Paloma, Recoleta and Cogotí, where it is also possible to develop recreational activities. In the Limarí mountain range you can witness the activities related to mining that are unique in the world such as the production of lapis lazuli and combarbalite stone, which give rise to beautiful handicrafts.

How to get

From Santiago, on route 5 north (approximately 4 hours) From La Serena, take Avenida Balmaceda and merge with the D-43 route. From Santiago, daily flights to La Florida airport in La Serena (1 hour). Be careful with the schedules of the Fray Jorge National Park. Low season (Apr-Nov): income Wednesday to Sunday and holidays: 09:00 to 16:30 hrs. High season (Dec-Mar): open every day. Entry between 09:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., departure at 4:00 p.m. It is not attended on December 25, and on January 1.


Rates National Adult $3000.
Foreign Adult (Includes foreign senior citizen) $6000.
Adult with different capacities $1500.
National or foreign child <6 years old or with different capacities: released. National Child between 6 and 18 years old $ 1500. Child Foreigner between 6 and 18 years old $ 3000. Senior $ 1500

Lugares destacados


Barraza It is a picturesque town in this Valley. It preserves an old Jesuit church, called San Antonio del Mar, and it is a National Monument. It is an unforgettable festival celebrated during the first fortnight of February.

Monumento Natural Pichasca

Small area in charge of Conaf that preserves for future generations the archaeological heritage in sectors such as El Alero Rocoso and Casa de Piedra. It is possible to know the flora and fauna of 70 million years ago and the cultures that existed 10 thousand years ago.

Parque Nacional Fray Jorge

Declared in 1977 World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is an ideal place for observing wildlife and ecotourism activities such as hiking and horseback riding. It is constituted by a native forest with species of characteristic of the Valdivian zone of the south of the country.

Valle del Encanto

Its name comes from legends that say that the place is enchanted, since it allows you to go back in time and participate in the offerings that the Molles gave to their gods. Famous for its artistic displays, attributed to the cultural complex El Molle. The place was described as an archaeological site in 1940 and declared a national monument in 1973. There are hiking and walking activities on established trails.

Caleta El Toro

Just 80 kilometers from the city of Ovalle, is Caleta El Toro, a place that offers beautiful landscapes and quiet activities for visitors. In addition, its strategic location places it a short distance from real tourist assets that our community has. The biggest attraction is the beach, fishing, sport fishing. Camping here is nice and quiet, and if people take precautions on the beach, not risking, you can swim in the shore. Also a few kilometers away is the Fray Jorge Park.