The Valley of Choapa entertains you with a good climate 365 days a year. Special for adventure sports and for the observation of flora and fauna. A natural gift that is blessed with its waters in which you can perform various activities such as surfing, diving and fishing.

Outstanding and unforgettable are the activities related to ecotourism, such as the observation of flora and fauna, marine and terrestrial, in the Las Chinchillas National Reserve (Illapel), of 4,229 hectares. of surface, and that has a nocturama, exclusive in South America.

In addition, there are unique wetlands of its kind, declared Ramsar Site: Laguna Conchalí (Los Vilos) and Huentelauquén (Canela).

It is worth mentioning that Pichidangui is one of the main resorts in Chile to practice windsurfing and sailing sports – thanks to the afternoon wind, very abundant -, as well as canoeing, diving and sport fishing.

Lugares destacados


It stands out for its typical manifestations such as rodeos, threshing floors and its guangualina week. In the town of Palo Negro, located 3 km. of Guangualí, utilitarian pottery is produced and crochet works are also carried out.


Illapel Skies clean almost all year and with a pleasant weather. For those who seek beautiful landscapes it is a panorama for any time of the year. Emphasizes the patrimonial interest of the large mansions of the Hacienda de Illapel of the 18th century.

Isla de Huevos

A natural habitat for seagulls, who use this island to nest year after year. Corresponds to an icon of Los Vilos because in the sunsets a unique image is produced and you must live. The island has a dock for tourists.

Isla de Lobos

Island of Lobos As its name says it is an ideal area to see up close the friendly sea lions that adorn this island. It is accessed by coastal dirt road with some sandy stretches. It is recommended to use four-wheel drive vehicles.

Laguna de Conchalí

Located right between Tongoy and Los Vilos, right on the side of the road. This Nature Sanctuary is a contribution to the environment since these wetlands inhabit fish, birds and reptiles with conservation problems. You can observe the birds through long-eyeglasses from a viewpoint, while you make a picnic in a sector near the lagoon.

Los Vilos

The Vilos Known as the gateway to the Coquimbo Region from the south. It has all the services that a tourist may need. It has an extensive waterfront whose main beach is the one facing the urban radius of the spa. On its southern side, it houses the fishing coves of Los Vilos and Las Conchas.


A spa with excellent accommodations and a beautiful bay that is considered one of the best for minor boat races. The wind that runs in this area is also a good ally to practice windsurfing.

Playa Amarilla

Yellow Beach It is located next to Laguna Conchalí. Its horseshoe shaped beach has very fine sand and extensive dunes. If you like to walk, from Los Vilos you can reach on foot, traveling a distance of 7 km.

Quebrada de Quereo

Ideal site for those who like topics related to paleontology and archeology. In this ravine a stream is mixed from a natural slope, with a small grove, an ideal place to enjoy a picnic with your family or friends.

Reserva Nacional de las Chinchillas

Habitat of more than 6 thousand chinchillas, which are preserved in this reserve. The presence of flora and fauna in its various stages of recovery have made this reserve a special place for study, research and environmental education. The reserve and the visitor center are open all year round, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Popularly known as the land of sorcerers. Its historical center is of great patrimonial value, the vineyards of chicha and chacolo stand out, the abundant petroglyphs that you can find in the surrounding hills and the drying ovens of tobacco.

Valle de Quilimarí

Here you can find organic olive oil in complete harmony with the environment. The valley extends to the foot of the Andes. It is a historic town in which people still live traditional customs. The Ruta del Cuarzo stands out, a new tourist activity that is boosting the region in the category of well-being and relaxation.