La Serena, historical city and patrimonial capital of the Coquimbo Region, was founded in 1544 and is the second oldest in Chile, after Santiago. Its attractions range from excellent options in hotels and gastronomy, to beaches, shopping centers, historical tours and the proximity of the Elqui Valley and the city of Coquimbo.

Its Typical Zone was declared a National Monument in 1981 and includes 17 national monuments, among houses and heritage buildings, palaces and churches. The city occupies five terraces on the left bank of the Elqui River, which descend in steps to the sea, similar to an amphitheater.

Lugares destacados

Avenida del Mar

Coastal strip that unites La Serena and Coquimbo, is one of the most attractive walks of the city, of 7 kilometers of extensive beaches, from El Faro towards the south. Endowed with a large hotel infrastructure and exquisite cuisine, especially the dishes made from seafood typical of the area.

Caleta San Pedro

Attractive gastronomic center to taste preparations based on fresh fish and seafood, such as caldillo de congrio, marine pailas, seafood empanadas, fried fish, etc.

Centro de La Serena

Of a rich architectural history, thanks to its neo-colonial style, the streets of downtown La Serena make up the largest typical urban area in Chile. The classic La Recova is located here, with crafts and typical food.

Faro Monumental

Imposing construction erected at the beginning of Avenida Francisco de Aguirre, next to the sea. It is the northern landmark that marks the departure of the Avenida del Mar and the west of the Ruta Gabriela Mistral international highway. Declared a National Monument on June 9, 2010.

Parque Jardín Japonés

Japanese Garden Park Lagoon with two islands, walking paths, streams of water, and more than 70 varieties of plants, cultivated according to the oriental style, and fish, swans, turtles, taguas and ducks