Valle de Elqui

Planted with vineyards and villages that for years have combined agriculture with tourism. El Valle del Elqui one of the […]

La Serena

La Serena, historical city and patrimonial capital of the Coquimbo Region, was founded in 1544 and is the second oldest […]


Coquimbo, located 462 km from Santiago. Its attractions include places with stories of corsairs and pirates in the bay of […]

Valle del Choapa

The Valley of Choapa entertains you with a good climate 365 days a year. Special for adventure sports and for […]

Valle del Limarí

The Limarí Valley, agricultural par excellence, is known as the green north of Chile because in this place are half […]


Andacollo, place of mining and which is strongly linked to the character of the pirquinero, a character of deep regional […]

Caleta Punta de Choros

The visit to Punta de Choros, located in the northwestern part of the Los Choros stream, brings a well-deserved reward: […]