Andacollo, place of mining and which is strongly linked to the character of the pirquinero, a character of deep regional roots that for centuries was the forerunner of this activity that today characterizes Chile in the world.
It is recognized by the admirable religiosity and veneration of its inhabitants to the Virgin of Andacollo, whose festivals attract tens of thousands of pilgrims who on foot or in vehicles arrive at its imposing temples, especially in October and December of each year.
The installation of an astronomical observatory of tourist character has boosted the arrival of visitors to this commune.
Get to know the Trapiches, old mills for extracting minerals formed by a circular basin full of water on which two heavy wheels turn that grind the stones with mineral, and which are still used by pirquineros in the area. Attractive historical tour that helps to understand the mining idiosyncrasy of the locality.
In this town we find observatories of great tourist demand so we recommend making reservations for your visit at least 3 weeks in advance, and monitoring the weather conditions.

Lugares destacados

Basilica de Andacollo

Observatorio Collowara

Located in Cerro El Churqui, it is a scientific, tourist and educational complex, located 5 km southeast of Andacollo. It has powerful 14-inch Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes, a conference projection room and three direct observation terraces in the shape of a cross arranged to the east. The visit lasts two hours.