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Trip Under The Stars

We are a couple of entrepreneurs from the Coquimbo region. Travel under the stars, it reached our minds on a trip to the Patagonia of Chile, a trip full of emotions and adventures as well as the idea of the "traveler" as our car is called. When you transport yourself with "EL VIAJERO"... you will live a proposal designed to live emotions, and unrepeatable experiences that take us away from the everyday and create memorable memories. In the TRAVELER feel that you have nothing to lose, that you only need things to be taken home so that it becomes something fantastic. We offer all kinds of tips for routes, camping, observatories and much more so that your adventure is much more entertaining, so you can enjoy even more our region of Coquimbo, with a panoramic view every night under the stars. Our mission is to make your experience full of joys.


This is your new home, that accompanies you in every moment of your trips, where we offer you security, comfort in a space where you are in the best place in the world. Where you will enjoy an unparalleled experience.


In your adventure, we will help you to travel the best routes you can find, wonderful places, landscapes where the night that will illuminate you most will be the beautiful stars that our region contemplates. We will inform you of all the information such as camping, festivals, observers, restaurant. You just have to come with the desire to enjoy.